June 2015

The current inventory of pre-printed AMSOIL vehicle graphics kits is nearing expiration. Now, for a limited time, any graphics kit is available for $175. • 75% off individual components • Installation not included • No co-op • No restrictions • Ends August 1 or when inventory runs out To order, visit the Vehicle Graphics section of the Dealer Zone (Business Tools> Advertising> Vehicle Graphics) or call 800-835-2365 Ext. 2605.

Many new customers who seek AMSOIL products ultimately place their first orders directly with AMSOIL INC. Because AMSOIL is committed to its Dealer network, these customers are assigned to qualified T-1 Certified Dealers. Although this works well most of the time, there are exceptions.?Customers deserve to be serviced by active Dealers who they like, and they should be able to count on that high level of service the entire time they remain active customers.?Therefore, AMSOIL must reserve more influence with these assigned customers

The following policy regarding the servicing of commercial and retail accounts has been added to the Commercial & Retail Marketing Procedures (under the “Responsibilities” section): 6. Continuously work on behalf of accounts to ensure satisfaction and success. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: · Maintain regular contact as scheduled or expected by the account. · Ensure accounts have current price lists and are informed about new product developments.

Effective June 1, AMSOIL INC. has adjusted the eligibility requirements for retail and installer accounts to appear on the AMSOIL Locator at www.amsoil.com . The changes are designed to increase the number of accounts that appear on the Locator and prevent accounts from unnecessarily dropping off, helping Dealers increase sales.

AMSOIL University (AU) Online, Knowledgebase and new Dealer Dashboard and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features increase accessibility of Dealer training and provide valuable new business tools. AMSOIL University Online Unveiled at AMSOIL University in May and officially launching in January 2016, AU training will soon be available through the Dealer Zone, increasing the accessibility of this valuable training to all Dealers and decreasing the financial and time commitments previously required to attend the training at AMSOIL corporate headquarters. Knowledgebase AMSOIL has launched a powerful new database in the Dealer Zone designed to provide Dealers a user-friendly and efficient way to access and search for information.

AMSOIL has refrained from adjusting Canadian prices for as long as possible, but action must be taken to offset the significant losses derived from increased raw-material costs and continued fluctuation in the exchange rate this year. The exchange rate between the Canadian and US dollars has been more volatile recently than at any time since 1929.?All projections and expert advice, however, predict some stability in the coming months. Barring any major fluctuations in the coming weeks, AMSOIL expects the adjustment to be in the 9-10 percent range, with an average increase of 9.7 percent.

The new AMSOIL Dealer Development Group is responsible for the training and education of the Dealer network, and they will be in the field hosting training sessions and developing curriculum for the upcoming AU Online. The Dealer Development Group is headed by Rob Stenberg, Director of Dealer Development, while Steve LePage moves into the role of Dealer Training Manager. Stay tuned for more updates. Effective June 1, the Regional Sales Manager territories have been realigned and reassigned: West Eric Brandenburg Central Mark Kroll East Peter Markham See the new Regional Sales Managers Map for details.

New OAI Website Now Live

by AMSOILCorporate

The Oil Analyzers Inc. (OAI) website at www.oaitesting.com has been completely redesigned with updated graphics and easier navigation. It now provides more information about oil analysis and other fluid analysis services, while allowing more features to be added in the future. Look for more educational content about online sample submission, and additional updates and improvements as they develop.

AMSOIL has partnered with Empowerkit to offer AMSOIL Dealers a variety of outstanding new website packages, and the existing AMSOIL lubedealer.com websites will be shutting down later this year. The new Dealer websites offer easy-to-use applications with advanced features and professional design, providing maximum online exposure and helping Dealers compete in today’s competitive and ever-changing online marketplace. Featuring an up-to-date layout that mimics the corporate site, Dealers can choose the products and features they want highlighted on their sites. Dealers with lubedealer.com websites are encouraged to upgrade to one of the new website options at their earliest opportunity.