May 2016

We have traditionally offered a product rebate during AMSOIL University to help Dealers offset the cost of traveling to Duluth, Minn. With the launch of AMSOIL U Online, Dealers no longer have to travel to AMSOIL headquarters to receive valuable training, and the annual product rebate is discontinued. We recognize, however, that many Dealers worked the AU rebate into their business plans and have to adjust accordingly.

With the May 1 launch of the new AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program, AMSOIL will be seeking email addresses of all Preferred Customers who do not currently have email addresses on file. Preferred Customers who do not have valid email addresses on file with AMSOIL, or who have their sponsoring Dealer’s email address on their files, will not receive the exclusive email promotions that are now part of the program.

AMSOIL is offering the Motor Oil POP Bottle Display (G3266) and the Marine Oil POP Bottle Display (G3264) to Dealers at 60 percent off the regular wholesale price while supplies last. The displays are regularly priced at $105 U.S./$140 Can., but will be available for $42 U.S./$56 Can. during the promotion

New AMSOIL 25W-40 Synthetic-Blend Marine Engine Oil (WCM) highlights improvements to the AMSOIL marine product line. Existing products receive fresh labels and packaging; their formulations and pricing remain unchanged. AMSOIL 25W-40 Synthetic-Blend Marine Engine Oil is formulated specifically for Mercury* motors that encourage the use of synthetic-blend oil. Mercury owner’s manuals actually discourage the use of full-synthetic oil.

The WIX WL10164 oil filter has replaced the WIX WL10082.

Earn more commissions with the new P.C. Program. AMSOIL has launched an exciting new Preferred Customer Program that provides improved benefits for all P.C.s. As a Dealer, you stand to benefit by registering and retaining more P.C.s, while earning greater sales and commissions from those P.C.s.