May 2017

The Preferred Customer Starter Kits are being overhauled. Upon registration, new Preferred Customers now receive an envelope containing a welcome letter, a catalog, a price list and shipping information. Effective this May, new Preferred Customers will receive the latest issue of AMSOIL Magazine (Preferred Customer Edition) with a special wrap welcoming them to the program. The Magazine and wrap contain all the information they need to get started as AMSOIL P.C.s, including a summary of program benefits, ordering information and a full AMSOIL product catalog

Our research shows, and Dealers have confirmed, that users of SABER Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil (ATP) value the convenience of using one mix ratio for all their equipment more than any other benefit. To enhance SABER Professional’s convenience and simplify mixing fuel, the product is available in 2.6-oz., 6.4-oz.