October 2017

Shipping costs for business cards ordered through the AMSOIL Print Center have been cut nearly in half. The reduced rates are shown below. Item New Shipping Rate 200 Business Cards $5.50 400 Business Cards $9.50 1,000 Business Cards $9.50 The new shipping rates apply to all orders within the United States. Shipping is now included in the price of business cards, meaning there’s no need to select a shipping option at checkout

Available in October, the new XL Synthetic Motor Oil formulation delivers more cleaning power, complete protection against oil breakdown and new extended-drain recommendations. XL Synthetic Motor Oil (XLZ, XLM, XLF, XLT, XLO) XL Synthetic Motor Oil features a boosted formulation that delivers more cleaning power and promotes longer engine life. It’s engineered for advanced automotive technology, including turbochargers and direct injection. XL is the perfect choice for enthusiasts who want to do something extra for their vehicles