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This website is designed to be as easy to use as possible, while providing an exceptionally wide array of useful lubrication and filtration information.  Much of that information, of course, will be dedicated to the AMSOIL product line.  However, there will also be an extensive library of information related to general lubrication and filtration issues – information that I hope will help you become a more educated motor oil consumer – being able to choose the RIGHT motor oil and filter for any given application – regardless of whether that ends up being an AMSOIL product or not.

AMSOIL’S Not For Everyone

You see, I am fully aware that, as good as the AMSOIL product line is, not EVERYONE is a good candidate for AMSOIL products.  Sometimes that is a result of how they drive.  It may be the result of the vehicle purchasing habits.  Alternatively, the age and/or condition of their vehicle may also affect whether an individual is a good candidate for AMSOIL products.

The truth is, it has been my habit over the years to turn away many potential customers as a result of one of the above issues.  Not that I’m saying I would turn away their money if they decided to purchase AMSOIL products – only that I am perfectly content to let a potential customer “go”, if I don’t feel they are going to get the full benefit from the generally high expense of AMSOIL products.

Make no mistake about it.  AMSOIL products are worth every penny of the generally high price-tag, but only for an individual that is going to get the full benefit of the many useful characteristics of a premium AMSOIL product.

A Website Cooperative

BestSyntheticOil.com is actually an independent AMSOIL dealer website “cooperative” which is utilized by my entire dealer network to promote the AMSOIL product line and build their independent AMSOIL dealer businesses.  I maintain the site, while they direct people to the site.  In this way, they and their customers benefit from the information found on the site, and I benefit by making a small commission on any sales that they generate.

About the Website Administrator: Me

Well, first of all, I’m not going to give you my name (unless I referred you to this site or you WEREN’T referred by one of my dealers – in which case MY contact information will show below and in various other locations throughout the site).  The reason for this is simple.  I don’t want to steal business from my dealers.  Sometimes, when someone finds out that I’m the administrator of the site and the author of many of the articles on the site, they assume they’ll be better off working with me than one of my dealers – assuming that I may be more knowledgeable than they.

In actuality, this may not always be the best course of action.  Although it is true that I have more years of experience and probably a bit more knowledge than some of my dealers, it is also true that MANY of my dealers have read my “Motor Oil Bible” multiple times, which has given them a tremendous amount of knowledge.  In addition, I can only personally service so many customers and dealers.  Therefore, it helps to “spread things out” a bit to the rest of my dealer network – avoiding the scenario where I have trouble properly servicing a large influx of customers all at one time.

So, I’m not going to give you my name, because I really don’t want you trying to seek me out.  Please understand that most of my dealers are very knowledgeable, and, those that may be new to the business and not so knowledgeable YET still have me as a resource.  If you have questions that they cannot answer, they can always contact me for support.  That helps THEM to gain more knowledge and experience and it helps YOU because you get the answers you need.

What I CAN Tell You

I’ve been married to a wonderful woman for 16 years and have 4 beautiful kids aged between 7 and 10 years old (two are twins).  In addition and even more importantly, I am a follower of Jesus Christ, which means I have a responsibility to live a life pleasing to Him, in appreciation for all that He has done for me (most notably freeing me from the penalty for my sins – death and an eternity in Hell).  I owe Him so much.  It is the least that I can do to try and live my life in a way that is pleasing to Him – meaning that I treat others as He would – I do my very best to love them and respect them and appreciate all that God has put in them.

About 14 years ago I became an AMSOIL dealer, and I now have a network of thousands of customers and hundreds of dealers.  It has been a great business that truly offers even better products.  The folks at AMSOIL really have a passion for being the best, and that very much appeals to me.  I am certain that is one of the primary reasons that I have been with the company for so long (although it doesn’t hurt that I hardly ever change my oil and have had few mechanical problems over the years – none of them lubrication or filtration related).

Over the years I have spent hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours pouring over thousands of pages of technical articles, test results, technical data sheets, books, websites, etc. learning everything I could about motor oil and filtration, so that I could better educate my customers and dealers (and myself).  Moreover, having had the opportunity to talk personally with thousands of individuals regarding their lubrication and filtration practices (and the results thereof), I have gained a pretty good insight on what works and what doesn’t, and it is my desire to pass that knowledge on to you.

I truly to hope that you find the information available on this website to be useful, whether you end up purchasing AMSOIL products or not.  In the end, my primary goal is to make sure that you find the best oil and filters for YOUR vehicles and equipment, whether I sell them to you or not.

Thank you.

Your Referring Dealer:

The following information relates to your referring dealer (ie. the person who referred you to this website).  Please contact them with any questions you may have regarding AMSOIL or lubrication and filtration in general.  If you click a link that takes you from this site to the AMSOIL corporate site, rest assured that the individual listed below will receive credit for any orders that you place (which also means that you should EXPECT them to provide you with good customer service – if they do not, contact AMSOIL corporate and they will address the issue).

Michael Kaufman

info {at} BestSyntheticOil(.)com

Please use my Dealer Number (Your REFERRAL Number) in any correspondence with AMSOIL Inc. (placing orders, information requests, account sign-ups, etc.): 502740

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ron parry December 6, 2010 at 5:34 pm

I have a 1955 Oldsmobile with 70,000 miles , original motor and transmission . Would you advise me as to whether or not to use Amsoil & filter for this car. Thank you for your help . Also the car is stored for the winter months .


AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Dealer December 6, 2010 at 8:13 pm

If the seals and gaskets are replaced, then I would say you’d probably be fine to move to AMSOIL synthetic, although you’d definitely want to do an engine flush to clean thing out ahead of time. However, without replacement of those seals and gaskets, you’ll likely experience leakage.

Usage of AMSOIL synthetic oils for vehicles in storage is a very good idea, since the ester basestock used in the oils helps it to maintain a film over upper engine components to prevent corrosion and pitting due to condensation build-up during storage (although, if the vehicle is stored in a climate controlled environment, this is much less of an issue).

As for an AMSOIL filter, if we’ve got one to fit, that would be a great idea, whether you go with AMSOIL synthetic oil or not. No matter what oil you use, high efficiency filtration is always a good idea.


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