How many miles between oil changes using synthetic oil?

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therick63 December 11, 2010 at 12:09 am

Dave: Here’s my take on this frequently asked and rarely answered question: If you are starting out with a new vehicle/engine, and you decide to spend the extra money, then yes Synthetics just as good quality Oils will go longer than the recommended 3K ( you need to use a good quality oil filter also.
I recommend too my Clients and friends to “Gage-it”: Pick what you think might be a good oil
and run on it for 3K at least then every 500 miles check your Oil, When that oil starts turning dark
Don’t forget too look at it when it’s new-the oil), I don’t mean black, it will turn several shades darker the more miles you run it. I try to go till it’s Dr. Pepper brown, then I know it’s time too change it.
You make the call (do not exceed 5,000 for conventional, 7,500 for Semi and 15K for Full Syn.)


Country Boy December 11, 2010 at 12:42 am

Never stretch your oil change intervals past the factory recommended mileage as printed in your service book. This is very important as long as the car is under factory warranty. There’s no stipulation in your book that you can choose to go longer if synthetic oil is used. Ford, Chrysler and GM recommends no more than 8,500 miles under the best conditions on their new cars. The Dodge Viper and some Chevrolet Corvette models come from the factory with Mobil1 in the crankcase. Oil change maximum remains the same.

Toyota (mine not Mike’s) recommends 5,000 mile oil change intervals probably do to the fact excess heat created by the catalytic converters which are so close to the cylinder-heads. Toyota makes no exceptions concerning the brand or type of motor oil used. Again, if you ever need documentation about oil change intervals while the car is under the power-train warranty it’s foolish to test the system.

In my opinion you most likely could stretch these mileage numbers after the power-train warranty and did mostly highway driving. On the other hand why in the world would you skimp and pinch on the most basic insurance on your motor.


mister ss December 11, 2010 at 1:00 am

personally I wouldn’t go over 6 or 7 thousand miles.


Michael December 11, 2010 at 1:00 am

It probably would, but the safe thing to do if you are not going to have the oil tested it to follow the owner’s manual.

People who do oil tests to determine how long the oil is lasting in their cars often report over 15K miles before the synthetic oil is “worn out” and that is probably more intelligent than getting the mileage out of a book. Personally, I consider that a little hard core and just go by what the manual says. For my Toyotas and Honda that is 7500 miles.


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