What are the advantages of synthetic oil over regular motor oil?

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Thecrazyone1 November 8, 2010 at 8:53 am

An oil expert explained this to me and I’ll try to repeat it the best way I can. The molecular structure of syntheitic oil molecules are more uniform (alike) than the molecules in standard oil which are all different. When it heats up, the viscosity in the synthetic oil will change realtivly to the temperature. The molecules in standard oil will also change when heated but the viscosity won’t be nearly as uniform as synthetic. Oil viscocity is important for a healthy engine because it helps ensure that parts are cover by the oil when they need to be, and the oil doesn’t just drip off too fast which creates friction (heat) and wear.


zzonyx November 8, 2010 at 8:55 am

There are a lot of myths about engine oils. The most authoritative guide in this is the Owner’s Manual or, if unavailable, the Dealer. Find out the following essential info to guide you in choosing the right engine oil:
1) the oil quality code (API, ACEA, Ford, Mercedes, VW, BMW or similar specs) marked on all quality engine oil products. Codes for mineral, semi or full synthetic oils, gas and diesel engines are different.
2) The SAE viscosity grade which depends also on the max-min temperatures in your area.
3) The oil change interval (mileage and time-based, normal and heavy duty operation).
Claims of longer synthetic oil life, better performance, mileage etc are mostly sales aids. Your car’s engine was probably designed for a mineral or semi-synthetic oil – if so, changing over to synthetic helps the oil seller more than your car’s engine.
In a nutshell: use the specified oil grade, avoid no-name oils, stay away from stand-alone oil additives, keep it topped up and change it at specified intervals – 3,000 miles is way too frequent for normal operation – go with info #3, 10…12,000 mi would be more like it. You can also change the oil filter each time if you wish. Try to figure out the extra costs and find out yourself the insanity of the switch-over – go for mp$ instead.


Just A Chic November 8, 2010 at 9:37 am

Synthetic oil is a lubricant and is alot thicker and doesnt burn or run through the system as fast as regular oil. It has chemicals and have more stability which makes them last longer and not breakdown as fast as regular oil. They in turn get better low & high viscosity performance, decreased evaporation loss, wont burn as quickly, and resistance to oxidation. it also has environmental beneflts of less oil waste. It also improves fuel economy in some engines and better lubrication to engine on cold starts. It is not recommended in rotary engines.


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