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Low Cost Car Insurance for Life – This may not sound like much, and you’ll find that the actual book doesn’t “look” like much either … BUT, I was absolutely floored to find out how much I was overpaying for my insurance – not because of WHO I was insured with, but because of WHAT I didn’t know. I’ve paid the author of this book a pretty penny to be allowed to offer it for FREE download to my clients (since he sells this very same book through his own website). [S3FILE file=’blog downloads/lowcostinflfe.pdf’ anchor=’Download Now‘]

Principles of Automotive Vehicles – This is a tremendous resource that I, literally, stumbled upon by complete accident – which is why virtually nobody knows that this resource even exists. This is a nearly 800 page manual covering exactly what the title above suggests. If you want to know how a vehicle and all of it’s systems operate, this will be an unbelievable resource for you. [S3FILE file=’blog downloads/TPAV.pdf’ anchor=’Download Now‘]

How Cars Work Video Software – Don’t want to spend the time reading the 800 page manual above, but would still like to understand the basics of how your vehicle operates? Check out this software which provides video tutorials regarding the various systems within your vehicle. Another useful resource for blog members. [S3FILE file=’blog downloads/HowCarsWork.exe’ anchor=’Download Now‘]

The Motor Oil Bible – Condensed – A shortened version of “The Motor Oil Bible” containing about 100 pages of useful motor oil information. A great start to truly understanding motor oils, how they function and how to choose the right oil for your vehicle. NOT an advertisement for AMSOIL – just common sense information every vehicle owner should know. [S3FILE file=’blog downloads/free-mob.pdf’ anchor=’Download Now‘]

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