Learn All About Motor Oil & Filters

Synthetic motor oil & filtration are complex topics that be quite confusing. Let us dispel the myths & bring clarity to your view of lubes & filters. Select from any of the following articles or categories to enhance your knowledge-base so that you can be an informed customer (or an informed NON customer, if AMSOIL products prove not to be for you).

OEM or Aftermarket Filters?

by AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Dealer

Many people are concerned about using aftermarket oil filters and often stick to OEM filters, assuming that they offer the least chance of “issues” with the filter or with warranty coverage. An Understandable Assumption In some respects, I can understand and even somewhat agree with this sentiment. It is often true that dealers will push […]

American Automobile Manufacturers Association

by AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Dealer

AAMA is an organization of North American automobile manufacturers which has a great deal of influence over the lubricant minimum performance standards as set forth by ILSAC, SAE, ASTM and the API. It was the AAMA along with JASO that helped to create ILSAC (International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee) which plays an integral role […]

American Society of Testing Materials

by AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Dealer

The ASTM, quite simply, is an organization whose primary purpose is to assist in the development of international standards for innumerable processes utilized within countless different industries. With regards to motor oils and lubricants, the most common place that you will run into references to ASTM will be in regards to test methods utilized to […]

API: American Petroleum Institute

by AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Dealer

Besides the SAE viscosity of an oil, API ratings are the most commonly used and referred to in the US when deciding if an oil is right for a particular application. Although there are other motor oil specifications that are sometimes used to determine a motor oil’s quality and it’s appropriateness for a particular application, […]

SAE: Society of Automotive Engineers

by AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Dealer

The SAE is a long-standing organization which has it’s roots in the early 1900’s when automobiles were first becoming a reality. They serve the automotive community in a number of capacities by encouraging networking and education among those professionals that work in the automotive and related industries. They are also integrally involved in the process […]

Japanese Automobile Standards Organization

by AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Dealer

JASO, as their full title suggests, is the organization responsible for establishing standards within the Japanese automotive market (which often overflows into the lubricants industry). It was JASO, along with the AAMA (American Automobile Manufacturers Association) that helped to create ILSAC (International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee) which plays an integral role in setting the […]

Motor Oil Viscosity Selection

by AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Dealer

Well, first and foremost, do not overlook the fact that viscosity is not the only criteria critical to proper motor oil selection. You must choose an oil that is matched to your application with regards to it’s formulation and design, specifically basestocks and additives used. For example, if you are running a diesel engine, then […]

Found out that new cars that use synthetic from factory like mercedes don’t require oil changes until 13,000 miles. Does that apply to any other car that uses synthetic oil too?

I have a 2000 v6 honda accord and it needs an oil change. I want to switch to synthetic but I dont know if it will be better to switch to full synthetic, synthetic blend or just stick with conventional.