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“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity…” ? John Muir Top Truck Challenge is one of the great events that happens every spring and with the advent of the internet we can relive it all throughout the year beginning this week on Motor Trend’s YouTube Channel. The powers that be at The Enthusiast Network (publishers of Hot Rod, Four Wheeler and other high profile enthusiast magazines) has cut a swath across cyberspace and is eager to share the exciting content they once only presented in print. This week’s release of five episodes has totally different content than the DVD which will be available soon.

How Fast Does A Model T Go?

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Henry Ford famously quipped that people could buy a Model T Ford in any color they wanted as long as it was black. My, how the world has changed. Black is still an option, but so is copper, silver, white, grey, orange, yellow, green, cobalt blue and aquamarine

An exciting new look for first place winner Traci Leonard’s Arctic Cat M6. It may not feel like winter at this moment, but the official kick-off for snowmobile enthusiasts already took place several weeks ago in North Branch, Minnesota.

Last night’s Engine Masters Banquet was enjoyable as always. Clarence Barnes was once again Master of Ceremonies for the evening. It became apparent that this was a transition year for the AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge

AMSOIL Blog Moves to a New Location

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Yes, we’ve moved our blog to a new home. You can now find all of our blog content at the AMSOIL website. Visit us today and sign in for regular updates The New AMSOIL Blog: Here are some additional links you might want bookmark as well: MyAMSOILGarage™ (c) Can Stock Photo

Kanter takes a time out to have a new regulator installed. American Iron ?magazine editor Buzz Kanter is currently on the road with his 1936 Harley VLH and three lifelong friends in an attempt to conquer the 4,000-mile cross-country trek known as the Cannonball Run. The Cannonball Run is not a speed race, but rather a test of endurance that takes riders from coast to coast over the course of two weeks. The catch?

It was a pair of all-Ohio days for the AMSOIL/Street Rodder Road Tour. When they rolled out of Cincinnati Monday morning they headed to the opposite corner of Ohio for a destination Tour Director Jerry Dixey calls one of his favorite places in the United States: his own back yard.

SEMA Feature of the Week: Holden Tribute G8

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Up next in the SEMA vehicle blog series is this sweet Pontiac G8/GT, a unique ride that likely won’t be found anywhere else on the SEMA show floor. Owner Mike Passarge purchased this Australian-built Pontiac and transformed it into a bona-fide race vehicle in tribute to the V8 Supercar Series. His vision was the right one and his hard work paid off; soon after he landed a partnership with Holden Racing, and his G8 is the only non-racing vehicle in the country to fly their team graphics

In second place after good dyno run. It’s all business here at UNOH in Lima as we open up the Day 4 of the AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge.

Many of the builders here are modest, and highly respected, among them Joe Carroll of Stonewall, Louisiana. According to competition director Wes Roberson he’s a very astute builder.