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David Sorensen October 31, 2010 at 9:40 am

I have a 2009 dodge challenger and am curious as to the benefits of synthetic oil compared to standard and for a 3.5 L like i have i read it to require 10w-30. I’ve heard synthetic is a waste of money, i also have heard its the best for protection of your engine. So which direction do i need to go and is that viscosity truly the best for the car i have, in Beaufort, SC.


AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Dealer October 31, 2010 at 1:40 pm


Thanks for dropping by the site. The standard recommendation for the challenger is most certainly a 10w30 viscosity oil. If you go with a high quality synthetic, you may not necessarily need a 10w30. A 5w30 or even a 0w30 may do just as well and provide better cold temperature performance and better fuel economy (if you typically take short trips with the vehicle – less than about 15 minutes at a pop). However, if you stick with petroleum oil, definitely stick with a 10w30 viscosity and try the best you can to get the best 10w30 you can find (check for tech specs for over 600 different petro and synthetic oils).

Synthetic oils DO offer greater protection than petroleum oils, and there can be significant differences in protection from one synthetic to another. However, this increased protection isn’t necessarily beneficial to EVERYONE. If you live in a northern state where road salt and such can wreak havoc with the body of a vehicle and you typically drive 10,000 miles or less per year, your vehicle body is likely to give out long before your engine, not matter what oil you use – as long as you change it regularly. So, synthetic may not be of much use.

Alternatively, if you typically “turn over” your vehicles regularly – such as with leased vehicles – synthetic may not offer a huge benefit either. Petroleum oil changed regularly will keep your engine running smoothly for a good 100,000 miles without too much trouble.

On the other hand, if you need cold temp performance or you regularly redline your vehicle and need high temp/high shear performance, synthetic would be a good bet – and, the better the synthetic you choose, the better off you’ll be. Likewise, if you put alot of miles on your vehicle, the fuel economy benefits of a synthetic might be worthwhile (and, if you choose an extended drain oil like AMSOIL, the extended drains will save you alot of time and money on oil changes). Lastly, if you want to keep the vehicle as long as possible, synthetic is definitely the way to go – you WILL get better protection and engine longevity with a synthetic oil.

On a related note, if engine protection is a crucial reason for choosing synthetic motor oil, you may also want to consider using synthetic in other lubricated areas of the vehicle such as the transmission. Otherwise, your engine will last forever, but you’ll be constantly replacing other lubricated parts in order to keep the vehicle moving. Hope that helps.


SAM THE AMSOIL MAN November 2, 2010 at 12:41 am

I changed a 1966 850 Super Duty Ford Dump Truck with 89,000 miles on the 534 engine in Feb. 1979.Today it has 381,000 miles and is as clean or cleaner than a brand new engine from the factory.Drained the oil only once at 241,000 due to a failed “O-ring on the Governor shaft.The heads have never been off!
I had a “Frantz Oil Filter”,a three stacker(toilet paper element),and changed it every 15,000 miles along with the full flow filter.Saved alot of money and dumbfounded many shortsighted people with mindsets ,and they could only bad mouth what they
knew nothing about! Thanks for letting me share,Sammy


AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Dealer November 2, 2010 at 9:02 am

Thanks, Sammy, for sharing your results. There’s no question that Frantz bypass systems work – they’ve been around for years with many testimonials from customers. My only question has ever been: How Well compared to other such systems? Obviously, AMSOIL offers a bypass filtration system, as do many other companies. Many companies, Frantz included, do not publish any data related to the actual filtration efficiency of their systems. Clearly they offer benefit, but, in the absence of any technical data or efficiency numbers, it’s impossible to compare them.

Of course, the other issue I have with the Frantz is the mess of having to try and dispose of an oily toilet paper roll and the more frequent necessity of a change. Either way, ANY bypass system is likely to offer significant benefit to an individual looking to reduce oil/filter changes and extend engine life, so whether you go with AMSOIL or not, do SOMETHING about improving filtration of your oil – you WILL be glad that you did. And, of course, the use of synthetic oil along with such an improvement in filtration will only offer even greater benefit.


leetruitt November 17, 2010 at 8:35 pm

Just purchased a 2010 Toyota Camry LE 4 cylinder, with 23,000 miles. One owner, very clean, oil changed every 3k
miles. Can I change to Amsoil? If so, what weight and which filter is best? Mostly city driving, conservative speed.
How many miles between changesif I cwitch?

Thank You


AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Dealer November 17, 2010 at 10:09 pm


You certainly could switch to AMSOIL at this point. That’s not enough miles to amount to a hill of beans, and they have been put on the vehicle rather quickly, suggesting highway miles, which are “easy” miles. So, this is a prime candidate for AMSOIL. However, I would point out that the newer Toyota’s are notorious for being VERY hard on oils. It is good that the previous owner changed every 3k miles (I’m assuming they were using petroleum oil).

Your vehicle would call for a 0w20 or 5w20. If you’d like to take advantage of extended drains, I’d suggest going with the 0w20, which is a 25,000 mile/one year change recommendation. However, I would specifically recommend keeping very close tabs on your oil throughout your first (and possibly second) oil change, making sure the oil is still performing as it should. In most vehicles, this is not a necessity – the 25,000 mile/one year recommendation is a very solid and relatively conservative recommendation for most vehicles. But, for the Toyotas, with their recent history of really hammering on oils, I’d suggest sticking to 15,000 miles or 6-8 months on a change until you can verify for certain that the oil will go longer than that.

Hope that helps.


AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Dealer November 22, 2010 at 12:10 am

For the benefit of those who may drop by this site, Truitt followed up by email with some additional questions. Since these questions do not seem to be all that particularly personal, I doubt they’ll be concerned if I post them here along with my response (If this IS a problem, please let me know and I’ll delete this comment reply).

Truitt’s reply to my initial comments:

Thanks for the information on oil for my Toyota.

Could you please advise me on an oil filter superior to the normal filter for my Camry LE 4 cyl?

Also, is there a dealer in Pasco, Wa. 99301, or will I have to order and pay shipping from an outside source?

I am excited about changing to synthetic oil products, and want my new auto to last as long as possible. Is there a better transmission fluid, and if so, why?

Again, thanks for your time and advice.


My Response

As regards the oil filter for your vehicle, there is not currently an AMSOIL filter available for this vehicle, although AMSOIL does offer MANN and WIX filters (depending upon which 4 cylinder you own). These are both good filters, but, if you can find a Mobil 1 high efficiency filter locally, it might be worth going that route for the enhanced filtering efficiency (at least until AMSOIL releases a filter for your vehicle). Just make sure you change it every 6 months or 7500 miles to be sure it’s still doing it’s job.

As for the local dealer question, there certainly may be a dealer in your area. Just be sure that the dealer you find really knows there “stuff”. Any dealer can get you product, not every dealer knows enough about the AMSOIL product line or lubrication and filtration in general to be of much help to you down the road if you have further questions or concerns.

If you order through this website, you can be assured that you’re ordering from an AMSOIL dealer group with considerable knowledge and experience from which to serve you. Go with your gut and do what feels right, but that’s my take on the “local dealer” question. Whether you order locally or through the company, you’re still likely to pay the freight (the dealer paid freight to get the product to THEIR location and will likely pass that cost on to you in the price for the product – so compare your ACTUAL costs).

As for the transmission, if you’ve got the CVT, AMSOIL does not have a product for that. However, if not, then there are 2 EXCELLENT options (really):

1) For a manual transmission, you’d want the MTG product ( Synthetic Manual Transmission and Transaxle Gear Lube)

2) For an automatic, you’d want to ATL product (Low Viscosity Synthetic ATF)

Just click through to the online ordering area from one of the links on this site and do a search for either product (or, request it from your local dealer if they stock it).


Richard January 3, 2011 at 6:30 pm

Is there a company near Harrisonburg, Virginia that sells Amsoil Power Foam
carburetor cleaner, Thanks


AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Dealer January 9, 2011 at 11:05 pm

It would be difficult for me to say. Don’t have access to ALL dealers’ locations. However, if that’s the only product that you plan on purchasing, ordering online wouldn’t make much sense. You could check for the dealer locator – type in your location and see who pops up. Doesn’t mean they’ll all have the Power Foam in stock, but one of them might. Otherwise, just click the ordering link from this site and order it online (I recommend ordering some other products, though, too, so as not to get eaten alive with the shipping).

Keep in mind that, if you intend on purchasing other AMSOIL products down the road (or think you MIGHT), make sure that you end up with a dealer/sponsor that really knows the products and lubrication/filtration in general. Whoever you order from will be assigned as your sponsoring dealer, and, once you have a sponsor, no other dealer can help you (by AMSOIL policy). So, just make sure you find someone that really “knows their stuff” before you decide to order through them. There are some great dealers out there who really know what they are talking about, but there are also alot of dealers for whom this is a weekend hobby, and they are not nearly so knowledgeable.


Randi January 9, 2011 at 10:05 pm

I have a 2006 Monte Carlo LT with a 3.5. I started using Mobile 1 Synthetic at 26,000 miles and now have 107,000 miles. Is it ok to change over to Amsoil 5w30 and would it benefit me to change over to a synthetic atf, also what would be a good oil filter?
My car runs perfectly and I live in the Phoenix, Az area. My biggest problem has been batteries, I’ve had the car for 4 years and have put in 4 batteries, must be the heat.



AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Dealer January 9, 2011 at 11:12 pm

Certainly, if you’ve been using Mobil 1, moving to AMSOIL would be fine at this point. Switching the ATF is a toss up. If you’ve been using synthetic in it, then switching would be a good idea. If not, the answer isn’t quite so clear. Transmissions can be finicky, especially if they’ve had petro lube for 100,000 plus. If it was my vehicle, I’d probably still go for it, but, it doesn’t always work out great. Not like you’re going to completely blow your transmission or anything, but, sometimes switching lubes on a tranny with some miles on it can cause irregular shifting. It’s not a LIKELY outcome, but it is a possibility.

Can’t say why you’ve been going through so many batteries. Not sure how extreme heat affects a battery.


Emmanuel Amegatcher January 8, 2012 at 12:18 am

I have an AMSOIL dealer registration in the past but have been inactive with my site due to some other issues.I now feel relieved enough to get active with my site as an AMSOIL dealer.My registration #1418340. I need to change my contact phone number.My question is this;do I re-register for that change ?


AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Dealer January 13, 2012 at 12:35 pm

Were you a dealer in my group? Your name looks awefully familiar. If so, you would need to contact AMSOIL to renew your dealership because I don’t see you on my list of dealers. Once your dealership is renewed, if you’re in my group, then I can update your info and provide you with the links to access YOUR version of the site.


Tim Klein March 12, 2013 at 4:31 pm

Your testimony for Christ is awesome ! Probably the best part of your website.


bestsynt-admin March 15, 2013 at 10:00 am

Thanks so much. Very much appreciate your support. Some have complained about it, but very few over the years. Most are either neutral on it or are very supportive.


Davey March 14, 2013 at 10:31 am

How can I get sponserd by u I race atv amateur


bestsynt-admin March 15, 2013 at 9:59 am

Unfortunately, I don\’t really do race sponsorships anymore. Never really panned out to be profitable for my business. I might be willing to try and get you better pricing on the products – like give you my pricing without you having to purchase a membership, but that\’s about the best I could offer. No profit to me, but at least no loss either, and you get to use a really good oil at the best price possible.


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