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Found out that new cars that use synthetic from factory like mercedes don’t require oil changes until 13,000 miles. Does that apply to any other car that uses synthetic oil too?

Chevy Truck Goes 535,372 Miles on AMSOIL

by AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Dealer

1969 Chevrolet Truck Goes 535,372 Miles Using AMSOIL In 1983, I wrote a testimonial on my 1969 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup with a 396 engine. At that time, it had 400,000 miles plus the heads and pan had never been removed. I had adjusted the tappets at about 250,000 miles and soon after 400,000 I […]

Testimonials from AMSOIL Users

by AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Dealer

Thousands of customers have been enjoying the benefits of using AMSOIL products in their vehicles and equipment for over 30 years. Here is just a small sample of the testimonials we receive on a regular basis. 30,000 Mile Oil Change As a high milage driver, I really appreciate the extended drain intervals. Typically I find […]

While vehicle manufacturer-recommended oil drain intervals have become increasingly longer over the years, and oil life monitors help motorists determine when to change their oil, many installers still see the occasional customer who stretches his or her oil change interval well beyond the oil’s useful life. In these situations, an engine flush can help clean the damaging sludge and deposits left behind, while providing the installer an additional sale.

Floyd Erks’ 731,000 Mile Aerostar

by AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Dealer

Floyd Erks used AMSOIL synthetic 0w30 motor oil and AMSOIL Super Duty oil filters on his 1993 Ford Aerostar. He changed his oil once every 35,000 miles. As of January 2002, he had 731,000 miles on the same FORD AEROSTAR engine! No rebuilds and no major maintenance or repair ever performed on this engine. He […]